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Rosa Ciurana treballant al seu taller

Rosa Ciurana working on her studio

Rosa Ciurana i Chorto

Educated in the art of Painting at Mur in Escola d’Art i Disseny from Tarragona and graduated on the Llotja of Barcelona, Rosa Ciurana is an artist from the city of Tarragona. Her creations are worked with a lot of texture, different materials and using original techniques as collage, engraving or the painting itself. She often leaves the canvas on the side to explore new concepts through installation.

The work she does is about the artistic research inspired on the scientific divulgation, starting with the genome and nowadays based on the astrophysics. Everything is about experimenting with the areas, volumes and shapes.

Painting | Engraving | Collage | Installation

Rosa Ciurana maintains an intense lovers-like relationship with art, that sometimeshas to compete with time, family and daily work. Through the experimentation and with the combination of different materials and techniques on the canvas she shares worries and thoughts about the origin of the Universe, the relation between macro and micro cosmos, Life, la Maternity and women’s role as a life creator.She plays with the physical space turning it into another element to include inside her installations, the same way that she creates a dialog with the spectator for sharing this creative pulse.

All this elements, as the cosmos particles, converge on the canvas full of this exploring intensity.


Bust Mold Details


Details of tears of glass on painting

Sin título-1

Detail chalk mold Chondrite

She begins studying painting at Mur in Escola d’Art I DIsseny from Tarragona and graduates from this artistic discipline at the Llotja from Barcelona. After that she cooperates with “Plàstica a l’escola”, a pedagogic and artistic activity where she advises EGB teachers in the area of arts and crafts. She introduces art as a pedagogic concept for the different assignments on schools. Once the advisory is concluded she begins with the experimentation and the artistic production, furthering in the art of engraving at Escola d’Art from Tarragona, and she starts the production of Espais Privats New York (Private Spaces New York) that sometime later will become a part of Espais de Mi (Spaces from me).

It is in that times, around 2005, that she move to Estudi Merceria 4 (Merceria Studio), at Carrer Merceria (Merceria Street) in the Old Part of Tarragona city. There starts the connection with the management of artistic creation (Open Workshops from the Old Part) Tallers Oberts de la Part Alta dfrom their beginnings until 2013. She also becomes coordinator of Associació d’Artistes Tallers 03 (Association of Artists Workshops03).The beginning of the new studio is reflected in her next production Gens that will be growing year after year, exploring the micro cosmos universe accompanied by the readings of scientific articles, this is her main source of inspiration. Later, at 2009 she also collaborates in Programa de Cultura i Joventut (Culture and Youth Program) from Tarragona lecturing practical classes for young people applying a pedagogy that is always present on her artistic trajectory.

Exposition in Merceria4

Exposition in Merceria4

Detall instal·lació Serenitat Guaridora

Detail of the installation Serenitat Guaridora

Col·laboració als Aparadors dels Tallers Oberts

Collaboration on the Tallers Oberts Sideboards

Collaborations and artistic projects, are for Rosa Ciurana a great opportunity to think through the space and the work, at the same time that she transmits feelings and impressions about the everyday and the universality of life. The pictorial experience offers to her the space of meditation and internalization of the concept “creation”, and let her live the real experience of its meaning, suggesting another forms and combinations of the physical space that we live in.

Rosa Ciurana is an active woman, in art and in life. She is always looking for inspiration in the structures found in nature to keep searching on the reinterpretation of the physic world in his artistic and also in his personal life. That is why her production is a path that never stops, always evolving and experimenting with new material, methods and forms.